Load Volume Scanner

Automated and precise volumetric measurements designed specifically for aggregates producers, our scanner accurately measures dump truck loads, revolutionizing demand capture.

Load Volume Scanner for Aggregates

Precision in Motion

Truck Load for Aggregates

Industry Focused

Load Volume Scanner designed for aggregates.

Truck Load Volume Measurement Accuracy


Accurate volume measurements (>98%).               

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Low-cost hardware and no recalibrations.

Rugged Enclosure for Aggregates

Rugged Design

Dirt and water-proof enclosure (IP66).

Next-Gen Tech for material producers

  • In-motion system measures dump truck loads accurately, saving time and money with easy installation and minimal downtime.
  • Ensure payment accuracy by precisely tracking dispatched loads, preventing costly disputes and maintaining accountability with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Optimize operational efficiency by tracking material movements, truck activities, and improving overall trucking efficiency.
  • Ensure consistent measurements for outgoing loads, emphasizing load volume over weight, particularly important for bulk materials with variable moisture.
Load Volume Scanner for Material Producers

License Plate Detection for Dump Trucks / Aggregates

All systems are equipped with RFID readers and seamlessly integrated with Tolveets Gate Control for truck detection and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

License Plate Detection for Dump Trucks / Aggregates

Data, Insights & Automation in ONE Platform.

Monitor every truckload through our centralized platform, TolveetManager.

Enable a complete and efficient Supply and Demand Balancing process in conjunction with our Belt Volume Scanner and Stockpile Volume Measurement solutions.