Designed specifically for the sand, stone, and gravel industries. Improve your supply chain flexibility and agility while reducing costs and waste with a better view into capacity and demand.

A Purpose-built Platform for the aggregates industry.

TolveetManager is a purpose-built platform that provides a comprehensive planning and analytical tools designed specifically for the aggregates industry. It is the worlds first operational platform of its kind.

Supply plans that meet demand consistently

  • Plan for production and capacity requirements to meet demand.
  • Adjust demand and supply parameters and see the immediate impact of planning results across your operations.
  • Automated Demand Forecasting using statistical time series methods.
  • Conduct -what-if- scenarios in response to stoppages, downtime and/or demand spikes.
  • Manage inventory by setting projected inventory positions to support fluctuating demands and supply variability.

Accurate visibility of demand, inventory, and production data

Automate data collection and consolidation to provide a supply and demand balancing solution that accelerates organizational autonomy and provides a competitive edge.
Our platform increases productivity, improves profitability, and supports growth with seamless integration, multi-site operation, and scalable technology.

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