Stockpile Volume Measurements

Simplify inventory management by using on-demand, semi-automated stockpile reporting through volumetric drone surveys.

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* Exclusive on-site availability limited to Southeastern US states.

Quick and easy inventory measurements.

Our Stockpile Volume Measurement system utilizes drones and real-time volume calculations to provide accurate on-hand inventory reports.
It enables quick and easy volumetric measurements for all your stockpiles, improves your inventory visibility and reconciliation process.

Industry Focused

Drone workflows designed for aggregates.


Less than 2% margin of error. 

Low Cost

Avoid paying exorbitant aerial flyovers fees.         

Save Time

Fly a site in minutes with same-day data.

Inventory Management for Aggregate Producers

  • Know what your stock is worth with on-screen calculators that translate stockpile volumes to monetary value.
  • Directly share PDF and online reports for all sites and improve perpetual inventory awareness.
  • Improve your end of the month inventory reconciliation process.
  • Improve financial forecasts by reducing future write-offs.
  • Visually track your site by comparing volume measurements over time.

Already have a drone provider?

Access free API connectors for seamless synchronization and integration of master data and volume measurements across various vendors.

Data, Insights & Automation in ONE Platform

Manage your inventory in our centralized platform, TolveetManager.

Improve reconciliation between sales tickets and production output with our Load Volume Scanner, Gate Control and Belt Volume Scanner solutions.