Gate Control for Quarries

Gate monitoring system that can track all trucks entering and leaving your site. Automate your demand capturing process with cameras uniquely designed for aggregates producers.

Automated Gate Report

Daily reports for all trucks that enter and exit your site:

  • Achieve comprehensive control with our license plate detection and RFID options.
  • Duration of stay and historical trends.
  • Vehicle Detection (support for over 10 different types of vehicles).
  • Detect whether dump trucks are uncovered or potentially overweight.

Industry Focused

Truck detection models trained on industry datasets.


>95% of trucks automatically detected (100% with RFID add-on).

Low Cost

Affordable and low maintenance.

Solar Powered

No need for heavy infrastructure.

We combine truck historical behavior with machine-learning technology to capture identifying details of trucks and cargo.

In addition to reading license plates, our algorithms can detect if dump trucks are covered on exit.

Streamline Operations

Seamless integration saves you time and effort

We integrate ticketing and scaling systems, verify load exits with camera events, validate data against third parties, and alert untagged vehicles.

Prevent Theft

We offer automated gate control, proof of operations, and theft deterrents for the aggregate industry, with automatic alerts for suspicious activities.

Prevent Theft
Transform Your Operations Through Data

Eliminate invoice disputes with customers

To prevent invoicing disputes, verify deliveries and charges by using security footage, especially when working with suppliers or subcontractors in the aggregate industry.

Save time and money by automating the check-in process.

Automate the check-in process and automate the data capture process to identify which trucks are in which gate lane, allowing you to match captured data with pre-registered data.

Access Your Plant Remotely

Data, Insights & Automation in ONE Platform

Monitor historical and real-time demand using our centralized platform TolveetManager.

Boost your control with our Load Volume Scanner solution, providing volumetric measurements for every truck load, ensuring precision and efficiency.