Monitoring and Decision Intelligence for Aggregates Operations

Tolveet leverages next generation computer vision and AI to provide accurate visibility of your demand, inventory and production data across all your quarries or plant sites.

What We Do

We bring the aggregates industry into the digital age.

We offer an industry focused operational solution for efficient remote management and automated control of field operations. By automating the data collection and consolidation process, we streamline operations and enable supply and demand balancing and planning solutions for crushed stone, sand and gravel producers.


Solutions designed specifically for construction aggregates producers.

Load Volume Scanner

Enhance efficiency with our payload management system, precisely measuring material loaded into dump trucks.

Belt Volume Scanner

Automatically track production levels. Plug & Play 3D cameras that monitor bulk volume of material transported by conveyor belts.

Gate Control

Track your plant movements. Easy to install cameras that can control truck entrances and exits.

Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Respond more quickly to sudden increases in demand. Obtain comprehensive visibility into your inventory, production, and demand, ensuring that you never run the risk of overestimating or underestimating the amount of material you need to produce.

Transform Your Operations Through Data

Continuous tracking of operational data powers our platform, enabling you to complete work orders accurately and efficiently, reducing costs over time.

Transform Your Operations Through Data
Access Your Plant Remotely

Access Your Plant Remotely

Advanced IoT devices and AI algorithms enable seamless, scalable asset tracking and productivity reporting, cutting costs and enhancing efficiency.

Instant Alerts

AI powered real-time smart alert system enables stakeholders to receive notifications for any anomalies in your operation.

Smart Platform

Tolveet smart dashboard enables data visualization, which leads to improved plant monitoring and performance measurement.